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Al Harris Library Sleuthing the Alamo
A Library BookGrowl Interview with Dr. Leland Turner


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Sleuthing the Alamo

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About this interview

In Sleuthing the Alamo, historian James E. Crisp draws back the curtain on years of myth-making to reveal some surprising truths about the Texas Revolution &#8212 truths that are often obscured by both racism and political correctness. This engaging first-person account of historical detective work illuminates the methods of the serious historian who searches for the more complex truths behind the glorious myths.

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  • Topic: Sleuthing the Alamo (ISBN: 978-0195163506)
  • Author(s)/Performer(s): James E. Crisp
  • Interviewee: Leland Turner
  • Interviewer: Frederic Murray
  • Recording Engineer: Brandon Schwartz
  • Length: 00:33:57 (hh:mm:ss)
  • Recorded: September 9, 2011