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Al Harris Library General Materials Selection Policy


Citing Sources


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We welcome your input on improving the library's collection. You can submit your suggestions using the Purchase Recommendation Form.

The primary responsibility of an academic library is to provide materials necessary to sustain courses of instruction and to stimulate individual reading and research. While it is the duty of the library director to keep the overall library collection balanced and well rounded, library materials selection is a responsibility shared between the library faculty and the classroom faculty. The library depends upon the faculty for the quality of the materials of a particular discipline comprising the university curriculum.

Working with faculty in their disciplines, the members of the Library Committee request materials for the library. The library faculty assist the members of the Committee by providing catalogs, standard lists covering a particular discipline, publisher information, and reviewing services.

A portion of the library materials budget is allocated to each department, division, or school. Allocations are determined by formula. During the course of the year, library materials requests are submitted to the Acquisitions Librarian through each department, division, or school Library Committee representative.

A library materials general fund is used for standing orders, series, reference books, serials, electronic databases and items that are recommended by the librarians, using standard lists in order to build a well-rounded collection. Journals are bought from the library materials general fund.

Gifts are welcomed by the library. Gifts will be accepted only if clear ownership can be given to Southwestern Oklahoma State University. The library will make the decision whether to add gift materials.

The Library supports the American Library Association's Freedom to Read, Freedom to View, and Library Bill of Rights statements. It attempts to acquire materials representing a variety of viewpoints.  Because some users may find some materials offensive, a process is in place for reconsideration of materials. The Request for Reconsideration of a Book form may be completed by any user. Such a request will be considered and a response sent to the requestor by the library director.