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Al Harris Library Silent Study Areas


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The library currently has no air conditioning. Please read this before you visit ยป

The 2nd floor of the Al Harris Library is a Silent Study Area.

The open 2nd floor study areas in the southeast corner, the northwest corner, and the area adjacent to the Curriculum Collection are reserved for individuals who need quiet for studying and reading.

Please observe the following rules in the Silent Study Area:

  • Show courtesy to others by keeping noise and talking to a minimum.
  • Use other areas of the library for group study, such as the 2nd floor study rooms and the tables on the 1st floor.
  • Silence your cell phone's ringtones while on the 2nd floor. Go to another area of the library if you need to use your cell phone. Cell phone conversations are not allowed on the 2nd floor, stairwells, and restrooms.
  • Electronic devices with audio must be used with headphones. This includes portable music players, laptops, etc.
  • Keep your headphone volume low enough that the sound is not audible to others.