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Al Harris Library Instruction


Citing Sources


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Library Instruction: An Overview

The SWOSU Libraries provide instruction in the use of library resources and services for students, faculty, and other patrons.

The goals of the Library Instruction Program are to foster knowledge and enthusiasm for the library and its services, and to provide students with essential information literacy abilities that will enhance their academic careers and personal growth.

The information literate student identifies a variety of types and formats of potential sources for information and the construction of knowledge.

Outcomes of the Library Instruction Program:

  • Students identify key library services in order to know what the library can provide to them.
  • Students differentiate research tools in order to make informed and useful decisions about how to gather trustworthy information.
  • Students construct search strategies in a variety of search systems in order to manipulate results within an information retrieval system.
  • Students apply criteria in order to evaluate information sources.
  • Students recognize the economic, legal, and social issues related to the use of another person's words or ideas and are able to cite and use their sources in an ethical and legal manner.

The library instruction program is also focused on the 2020 HLC accreditation cycle: Three Pillars of Learning in Undergraduate Education; Preparing Students for the 21st Century.

The instruction sessions incorporate the following elements:

  • Deep Learning of Academic Content
  • Demonstration of Intellectual Development
  • Acquiring Professional Skills

Instruction is offered in group or individual sessions, through interactive presentations, lectures, and live demonstrations. Librarians conduct most instruction in the Library Instruction Room or the instructor's classroom.

We also offer embedded library instruction for online courses. Embedded library instruction is available for online courses only.

The Library Instruction Team meets regularly to coordinate and evaluate the Libraries' instruction program.

For more information about the Library Instruction Program contact Mr. Frederic Murray, Instructional Services Librarian. Fill out the Instruction Request Form to schedule library instruction for your students.