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Al Harris Library Circulation: Electronic Devices


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The library owns laptop and netbook computers which you may borrow at Circulation Desk. This policy refers to these devices as portable computers.

The library also owns digital cameras, audio recorders, and other electronics which you may borrow. This policy collectively refers to electronics and portable computers as electronic devices. Any exceptions are noted in the policy below.


SWOSU employees, students, and public patrons may borrow electronic devices from the library. A SWOSU ID or an Oklahoma driver's license (for public users) is required. All library fines must be paid in full before you can check out an electronic device. Public patrons are required to leave their identification at the Circulation Desk until the electronic device is returned.

Borrower Agreement

We require that you complete an Electronic Device Borrower Agreement before you borrow an electronic device. Click here to fill out the agreement form. The agreement will be kept on file for one semester. A new agreement is required each semester.

Loan Periods

Electronic devices are available at the Circulation Desk for borrowing on a first-come, first-served basis. No electronic device may be placed on hold or Reserve.

  • Portable computers
    The loan period is 3 hours.
    The loan may be renewed for another 3 hours, provided that there are no other patrons waiting for a portable computer.
    Portable computers must be returned 15 minutes before the library closes regardless of the time the computer was borrowed.
    Portable computers may not be taken from the building.
  • Electronic devices (excluding portable computers)
    The loan period is 1 day.
    May be taken outside the building.

All electronic devices must be returned to the Circulation Desk. Never return an electronic device in the library book drop.

Overdue Fines

The overdue fine for each portable computer is $1.00 per hour with one 10-minute grace period.

The overdue fine for each electronic device (excluding portable computers) is $1.00 per day with one 1-day grace period.

The Circulation Desk's clock is the official clock, which may not correspond with the clock on the electronic device.

Replacement Costs

Do not leave any electronic device you have borrowed unattended.

You are responsible for the electronic devices you borrow. The replacement cost for portable computers is $1,500 or more. The replacement cost for other electronic devices is $500 or more. Portable computers taken outside of the library for any reason are considered stolen property.

In the event the library is evacuated, leave any electronic devices you have borrowed at the Circulation Desk before exiting the building.


All portable computers print to the black and white laser printer at the Circulation Desk. Ask for your printing at the Circulation Desk.

Appropriate Use of Portable Computers

All borrowers must comply with library and campus computing policies. You should not change settings or install any software on the library's portable computers. Save your work to a USB drive, CD, or email it to yourself.

(Faculty who need a portable computer for instructional purposes should contact Information Technology Services at 580-774-7070.)


For help using the library's electronic devices go to the Circulation Desk or contact the library by phone, text, or chat using Ask a Librarian.

Returning Electronic Devices

Make sure you hand the electronic device to a Circulation Desk worker.

Do not leave electronic devices unattended on the counter at the Circulation Desk. You will need to wait at the Circulation Desk while the device is inspected. Never return an electronic device in the library book drop.